Review: ‘The Swamp Thing’ #8 Is Big On Action And Big On Ideas

by Olly MacNamee


The Swamp Thing‘ #8 is another issue that offers up the prerequisite action scenes suitable for such superhero titles, but delivers more thought provoking existential angst too. But, on this occasion, Levi Kami finds some kind of solace in his troubled past.


The Swamp Thing #8 is something of a revolutionary issue as we delve once more into Levi Kami’s past and learn more about his origins and connection with Green. It’s another issue that deals with the existential, but also delivers plenty of punch too. Big action and big ideas is the order of the day as Ram V introduces a new character into the Swamp Thing’s sphere who is also connected to the Green, but has a very different agenda than Levi’s own. 

Meanwhile, Mike Perkins let loose with the larger than life rumble in the jungle as Swampy first takes down Chemo and then takes on the Parasite. And again, Perkins finds new and dynamic ways to present fight scenes that startle. No more so than on one page, dominated by a half-page splash in which the Champion of the Green is caught frozen in time and moments before landing a blow on the Parasite while smaller action-packed panels act as a backdrop, infusing the whole scene so much energy. Something tells me this is career defining work in the making.

Mike Spicer’s careful balancing of colours once more brings the warmth of India, and the seemingly sepia soaked memories of Levi’s youth, while also presenting the lushness of India’s tropical Kaziranga Nation Reserve. Aditya Bidikar gives each character a voice with his lettering too. All combining into another killer issue that only adds, rather than pads, to the rich tapestry of the ongoing saga of the Swamp Thing. 

In the end, a lot is achieved beyond the inevitable salvation of the forest from the plot of Western corporate pollution. This may have been billed as a Suicide Squad crossover, but it went much deep than that. As is often the case with a Ram V penned comic book. By the closing of the book we’ve learnt more about the enigmatic new Swamp Thing, his past and his present, just as he too learns more about himself too, stepping out of this forest more the wiser, but with maybe one more enemy to look over his shoulder for in the future.

The Swamp Thing #8 is out now from DC Comics

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