The Final ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ Character Is Sora From Kingdom Hearts

by Sage Ashford

The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character has been confirmed: Kingdom Hearts‘ Sora is the last character being added to the game. Confirmed in a 30 minute video with Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, Sora was announced alongside a new wave of Mii Fighters, including the legendary Doom Slayer from Doom and Octoling and Judd from Splatoon.

Sora gets his own custom stage with Hollow Bastion, a level familiar to many Kingdom Hearts fans, and a stage that changes the longer the battle goes on.  He also has access to a variety of magic spells, and has incredible aerial control thanks to his jumps and his attacks. That said, he’s also more easily launched. The Final Smash for Sora is called “Sealing the Keyhole”, but it wasn’t shown during the trailer.

Unlike many characters in the Challenger Pack, Sora is not a shadow drop, and will instead be available for people who have purchased Challenger Pack 11 on October 18th. This brings the total character roster in Super Smash Bros Ultimate to 89.

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