Darby Pop Offers The Complete First Chapter Of ‘Necromancer Bill’ For Free

by Brendan M. Allen

In the spirit of Halloween, Darby Pop is offering up the first chapter of Necromancer Bill to read for free. Described as ‘Stephen King’s Pet Sematary meets every Seth Rogen movie ever made,’ the book follows an ordinary schmuck named Bill, who is accidentally granted the power of necromancy.

‘Bill is just a regular schlub who loves gardening and resents being brow-beaten by his ex.  When an arcane ritual-gone-wrong accidentally grants Bill the power to reanimate the dead, he is assigned a “mentor” in the form of Larry — a ne’er-do-well raven with a substance abuse problem.  And then things go awry.’

Featuring a script by Robert Menegus, line art by David Brame, color art by Gabriel Roldan, and letters by Frank Cvetkovic, the first chapter can be found right here, the complete book can be purchased digitally at Comixology here, and the physical soft cover book is available with free shipping right here


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