Groove Life Launches Licensed DC Comics Line Of Rings And Belts

by Brendan M. Allen

Groove Life has launched a new licensed line of DC Comics rings and belts. If you aren’t familiar with Groove Life, they make comfortable, breathable silicone rings, super comfortable belts, and silicone watch bands. 

I personally have about a dozen of their rings and just recently acquired my first belt. Their rings are fantastic. I have always struggled with the idea of metal rings on my fingers, because I come from a construction background, and I saw too many colleagues end up with smashed fingers, having to get rings cut off. Gruesome stuff. 

I also hate the constrictive feeling of metal rings. Always have. These Groove Life rings are so light and comfortable, I forget I’m even wearing one half the time. 

I was more hesitant about the belt, for a couple reasons. First, there’s the price point. Sixty five bucks seems a little steep for a belt when you can grab one off the rack for a third of that, until you consider Groove Life’s ‘no BS’ warranty. If your Groove Life product breaks, rips, or whatever, it’s covered, less shipping. (They’ll even replace their rings if they’re ever lost. Not the belts, though. Who loses a belt?) So basically, it’s $65 for the last belt you’ll ever need to buy. 

Another thing that stayed my hand was comfort. I just wasn’t sure how comfortable that ‘Space-Tech’ webbing was going to be. I was imagining a rough, stiff strap like you’d find on cheap luggage. Nope. I don’t know how to describe the feel of this stuff, but it isn’t nearly as stiff as I expected, and it has a little bit of stretch in it. Just enough give in the length to hold snugly, without feeling constrictive. I have always, always bought leather for this reason, and this belt is far superior to any leather belt I have ever owned. 

This wave of licensed DC rings and belts feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Justice League, and Green Lantern. Check out the whole collection right here.


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