Hoff & Pepper Celebrate ‘Smoken Ghost’ With Limited Anniversary Comic Book Release

by Brendan M. Allen

You may not recognize the names Aaron (Hoff) Hoffman and Michelle (Pepper) Hoffman, but if you’re a hot sauce buff, you’ve probably seen their signature flasks of delicious, small batch Hoff & Pepper sauces. What started out in their home kitchen as a labor of love for their family and friends has grown into an operation that retains more than twenty full time employees.

When Hoff & Pepper first released Smoken Ghost in 2016, the first 1,000 bottles had labels in full-color. Soon after, they switched to their iconic standard black and white design. To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Smoken Ghost, the company announced a limited release of 1,000 Smoken Ghost flasks with a fresh new full-color label. But wait… There’s more. 

Hoff’s been working alongside local artists to release the first ever Hoff & Pepper comic book. (And this, right here, is how I get to tie my love of insanely spicy, delicious sauces into our comics based website.) 

The full color comic tells the origin story of Smoken Ghost and how he came to be the ghoulish Flavor King we know today. For $25 (plus shipping), this incredible set of spicy badassery includes a Limited Edition 5 Year Anniversary 6.7oz flask of Smoken Ghost Hot Sauce, a fully illustrated Hoff Comic Book The Rise of Smoken Ghost, and a Limited Edition 5 Year Anniversary Smoken Ghost collectible box. 

This limited edition set is available for purchase right here, and once they are sold out, they are forever sold out. If you haven’t tried any of Hoff & Pepper’s products, this is as good a time as any. Those of us who have will tell you these folks aren’t messing around. This is some seriously addictive sauce, made by a small group of folks who take their craft seriously. Also, it comes with comics, so…


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