Not Your Final Girl Podcast: ‘Obligatory Chainsaw’ With Jourdain Blanco

by Brendan M. Allen

It’s Not Your Final Girl’s inaugural October episode. Get ready for the jump scares. Just kidding. None of those, but there are some spooky sound effects in the background because this week’s guest was literally in a haunted house. Today, your intrepid hosts are talking with haunter Jourdain Blanco about Haunt (2019) and The Houses October Built (2014), two films whose plots are deceptively similar, but deliver plenty of diverse scares.

There are also lots of spooky season stories, a murder roadie, a day in the life of a scare actor (so much punching!), price estimates on the average extreme horror attraction, all the evil clowns you could want, and… McKamey Manor, we guess. Listening to us is way more fun than getting buried alive, that’s the NYFG guarantee.

P.S. Candace has now been to three haunts as of press time, and they were so much fun. Hit Candace and Ariel up if you’d be their haunt road trip buddy.

Jourdain Blanco is a professional haunter and entertainer who lives in Arlington, Texas. He works year round on haunts wearing a myriad of different hats (actor, trainer, makeup artist), and has come into a love of horror films and all things horror as an adult. You can find Jourdain on instagram right here.  

Movies Discussed: Haunt (2019), The Houses October Built (2014)

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Show art by Brian Demarest:

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