The Quarto Group And Saturday AM Partner To Produce BIPOC And LBGTQ+ Manga

by Brendan M. Allen

The Quarto Group announced a partnership with digital Manga and comic brand Saturday AM for a publishing program of manga-inspired comics featuring greater diversity and inclusion. The comics will be published under their art and design imprint Rockport Publishers. Showcasing creators from across the globe from Senegal to New Zealand, with more BIPOC and LGBTQ+ characters in their work, this new style of Manga elevates voices who rarely appear in traditional manga narratives.

Saturday AM launched the independent black-owned manga movement in the US in 2013. With dedicated fans from over 60 countries, Saturday AM is now the most successful brand for MyFutprint and serves as its flagship. The monthly magazine has produced over 150 issues of serialized digital content to date.

Author and founder of MyFutprint Entertainment LLC, Frederick L. Jones, is pleased to take this next step with Saturday AM and The Quarto Group. “As an African-American, it’s been a dream of mine that the art form that I’ve loved since the ’80s offer more ethnic and cultural diversity, both on the page and behind the scenes. It’s been rather humbling just how many young, talented fans have embraced our brand and our popular series like Clock Striker, Shonen’s first Black female lead character. Partnering with a company like The Quarto Group finally allows us to bring these creator-owned original Manga stories to stores worldwide.”


“We are thrilled to be adding the Saturday AM brand to our Quarto list,” says Senior Vice President and Group Publishing Director of Rockport Publishers Winnie Danenbarger. “Manga is a powerful art form that has influenced the globe in animation, artistic influences, and even culture. The graphic novels created by Saturday AM speak to a contemporary and diverse audience and wholly aligns with Quarto’s mission of inspiring and embracing global artists.” Adds Danenbarger: “Manga is now becoming an international language, and the globalization of it will only continue to expand in the future as an infinitely adaptable art form around the world. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this new, creative and inclusive wave of Manga.”

Quarto will be publishing 10 titles in 2022 from 7 different series, and an additional 10 to 12 titles are scheduled in 2023 and 2024. The first three serialized Saturday AM titles, Apple Black, Hammer, and Saigami, are scheduled to publish June 7, 2022, along with Saturday AM Presents How to Draw Diverse Manga, the first how-to book with an inclusive take on the popular artform. 

In July, the line continues with one of the first all-African Manga series Oblivion Rouge, with others to follow. Most of Saturday AM’s serialized titles will be Shonen Manga (action-adventure, ages 12+) with exclusive new art and story. They will exist in a multi-verse where all the stories connect for an epic storytelling experience. Deepening the experience for both new and existing readers, Saturday AM Manga titles will also offer innovative never-before-seen “post-credit” content exclusively debuting within these printed books.

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