ICYMI: ‘The Batman’ Teaser Lights The Bat Signal And Issues A Warning

by Erik Amaya

With word that a new trailer for The Batman will be released during the DC FanDome event on Saturday, the film’s official Twitter account offered a brief tease of what’s to come, which includes the lighting of the Bat Signal. Although, as the Batman (Robert Pattinson) puts it, it’s not just a signal … it’s a warning.

The debut of the signal is pretty much in line with what we discovered about the film at last year’s FanDome. It’s set sometime in the second year of Bruce Wayne’s career as the Batman and sees Gotham City responding to its new caped crusader in a violent way. That is to say, the old mob families are failing and the costumed supervillains are arriving on the scene. That notion will be familiar to readers of Batman: The Long Haloween and even to those who still adore The Dark Knight. The idea of Batman forcing an escalation in his hometown is an interesting one with any number of variations. The Dark Knight chose to more or less focus that sense of escalation on the Joker while The Batman and The Long Halloween go for a larger cast of costumes and, we hope, a new twist on Batman’s early days.

But please, we beg you, leave the deaths of Thomas and Martha on the cutting room floor. We’ve seen it in way too many Batman movies at this point.

The Batman hits theaters on March 25th, 2022

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