Phoenix Force Content Arrives In Latest ‘Marvel Future Fight’ Update

by Gary Catig

After incorporating Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings content last month, Marvel Future Fight has turned to comics for inspiration in its latest update. The Phoenix Force is being reintroduced to players in the wake of the “Avengers: Enter the Phoenix” Marvel event.

Included in the update is the all-new artifact system, which supplies equipment for characters to enhance specific attributes depending on the item. Each in-game character has an exclusive Artifact which imparts a special passive skill once equipped. If a character equips a non-character-specific artifact, they still have access to attribute bonuses but not the additional skill. In addition, artifacts can be broken down into Celestial Essence that can be used to enhance these items for stronger attribute bonuses. Artifacts can be earned via Timeline Survival mode.

Additional features of the update include:

  • Three new “Enter the Phoenix” uniforms for Captain America, Hyperion, and Wolverine can now be collected
  • New ‘Threat Level’ difficulty levels for ‘Timeline Survival’ (Levels 4-6) have been added
  • Hyperion is now upgradeable to Tier-3 and has a new ultimate

Marvel Future Fight is currently available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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