Review: ‘Ordinary Gods’ #4 Search In Paris

by Benjamin Hall


Our godly protagonists search in France for one of their number. He goes by the title Trickster. Whether they will be able to find him in time is in question. Are things going to get tricky? If so who will have a problem?


The main story is by writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark. Its first several pages feel like they are a single issue’s starting point with hints of “made for the trade” reliance on other issues. Nonetheless, the script for this issue’s main story is as solid as the prior issues. Not to mention that the dialogue is arguably as good as the first issue. Though Higgins and Clark are a little obvious with some of their inspirations they still succeed at creating a somewhat original realistic fantasy narrative. The back-up story by writer Jana Tropper enhances the main story by further grounding this series. However, it is hard to say how much is original and how much is historical due to the subject matter

Ordinary Gods #4 (2021) 1:25 variant cover art by Doaly

Artist Felipe Watanabe does a great job with the minimalistic aspects of the art. Yes, there are a few areas that have less details or consistency than others, but that happens when minimizing art. As for the regular details Watanabe still does a fantastic job with proportions and consistency. Watanabe does a great job leaving enough room for the work of letterer Clayton Cowles. Speaking of the lettering, it pops off the page just slightly, and also fits with the pacing Watanabe sets. While colorist Frank William enhances the art with a diverse palette. However, William’s application of the palette feels a little off on certain panels.

The main cover is by Watanabe and William. It features a nice amount of depth in a subtle manner. Though the colors of the sky are a bit questionable the palette is overall great. Artist Doaly is responsible for creating the 1:25 variant cover. It features an excellent juxtaposition of art and colors. Lastly, the Line Breakers variant by artist Yoshi Yoshitani displays personality with feature character and the coloring. However, it does not fully work on its own due to elements from two of the other four connecting covers appearing on it.

Logo designer Rich Bloom, production artist Ryan Brewer, and editor/designer Michael Busuttill all do great work in this issue. However, there is nothing new to note of any of the three’s work.

Ordinary Gods #4 (2021) is out now from Image.

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