The ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Face Off Against Al Capone In A Preview Of Next Week’s Show

by Erik Amaya

With the 20th Century now in upheaval, the team’s attempt to reach New York on Legends of Tomorrow has a new wrinkle: the arrival of Al Capone. But as this preview for next week’s show suggests, is Nate (Nick Zano) the center of the unraveling timeline or is Capone’s presence merely a coincidence?

As for this week’s episode, we’re glad to see the Legends back so soon even if they are stuck in a time which is less than favorable to many of them. It’s not without reason that Sara (Caity Lotz) noted Nate’s true superpower in 1920s Texas is being a white man. That said, it was equally surprising to see Nate’s superhuman ability on display again, a talent rarely seen as it costs a surprising some to produce. We suppose without time travel, the group’s abilities will matter more, if just as a springboard for humor.

That said, Astra’s (Olivia Swann) powers may have been the most pivotal as they gave Gideon (Amy Pemberton) physical form. It’ll be interesting to see how she fits in with the group and if she held on to any of her facility for sensing the timestream. Maybe she can calm some of Nate’s fears about killing J. Edgar Hoover.

Also: we love that Legends can do some thing like kill Hoover and then put a cherry on it by having Gary (Adam Tsekhman) eat the body.


Legends of Tomorrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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