It’s An Unlucky Team-Up In January’s ‘Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond’

by Tony Thornley

Felicia Hardy and Mary Jane Watson have never really liked each other. Frankly, it’s obvious why. But in January’s Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond one-shot from Marvel Comics, they may be each other’s only hope.

Reuniting the Black Cat series team of Jed MacKay & CF Villa, two of Peter Parker’s greatest loves have to put their differences aside and team-up. When Felicia is kidnapped, Mary Jane may be the only person who can save her.

“After finishing up the Black Cat ongoing with Giant-Sized Black Cat, I was sad to see Felicia Hardy go,” Mackay said. “But as it turned out, she wasn’t done with either artist C.F. Villa or myself! It’s been great fun to jump back into the world of Black Cat, and pairing her with (of all people) Mary Jane Watson in a wild, one-crazy-night adventure through the criminal underbelly of NYC has been a blast!”

Featuring a cover by J. Scott Campbell, be sure to pick up the one shot when it hits stands in January and check out all of “Spider-Man Beyond” three times a month in Amazing Spider-Man.

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