All Hail The Queen: Previewing ‘Nubia And The Amazons’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Vita Ayala, Stephanie Williams
Art by Alitha Martinez

“After the thrilling events of Infinite Frontier, Nubia becomes queen of Themyscira, but the new title also brings challenges.

With the unexpected arrival of new Amazons, our hero is forced to reckon with her past and forge a new path forward for her sisters. Little does she know, a great evil grows beneath the island and it’s up to this former guardian of Doom’s Doorway to unite her tribe before paradise is lost forever! This unforgettable miniseries from writers Vita Ayala and Stephanie Williams, along with all-star artist Alitha Martinez (Future State) brings the fan-favorite character back to the DCU for good. After Nubia, the world of the Amazons will never be the same.”

Nubia and the Amazons #1 is out Tuesday 19th October from DC Comics

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