Image Comics Announces New Sci-Fi/Romance Series ‘Bolero’ For 2022

by Olly MacNamee

Image Comics have announced a new sci-fi/romance series Bolero by co-creators Wyatt Kennedy and Luana Vecchio. A five issue miniseries which will launch from Image Comics in January 2022.

“A woman running away from a broken heart discovers a mother-key into parallel universes. The rules are: The key can work on any door. The mother will only let you visit 53 universes. Do not ask to speak to the mother. Never hop more than 53 times. 

Sex Criminals meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in this fantastical, emotional journey featuring a beautifully diverse cast of characters.”

Vecchio sums up the comic’s more romantic elements to the story:

“Page by page, Wyatt and I put our whole love and passion for comics into this miniseries to convey the strong sense of loneliness and despair that many feel after the end of a relationship. Running away might often seem like the simplest solution, but there is no simple solution when dealing with pain.”

Kennedy added:

“I sincerely can’t thank Image enough for giving us the chance to tell this story. I’ve lived with it and these characters for nearly six years, and no one besides the tremendously talented Luana Vecchio could have imbued this with such soul and joy and kept me from rewriting it for the 87th time.”

Bolero #1 will be available on Wednesday, January 12th 2021 from Image Comics


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