Review: ‘Fantastic Four’ #37 And A Halloween To Remember

by Olly MacNamee


It’s Halloween on Yancy Street and Jo-Venn and N’Kalla want to enjoy it as much as they can. Too much maybe? But being admonished by their adopted parents, Ben and Alicia, is the least of their troubles in Fantastic Four #37 by Dan Slott and Nico Leon.


It’s Halloween on Yancy Street and that means trick or treating. But, as this is the Fantastic Four we’re talking about, things go south pretty quickly when the Profiteer sends troops to Earth to retrieve the two alien children. Needless to say, this does not sit well with Ben and Alicia Grimm, or Jo-Venn and N’Kalla either.

Even in a quieter issue, writer Dan Slott still manages to muster up enough requisite disaster and danger to entertain while also injecting the whole issue with his particular brand of warm humour while also foreshadowing problems that will be circled back to in future issues. That’s quite the tight-rope walk and one he easily to pull off in Fantastic Four #37. 

Helping out on art this issue is Nico Leon, who has a style not too dissimilar to recent FF artist, R. B. Silva, maintaining the current preferred Marvel style and sustaining a certain level of consistency to the Fantastic Four series.

While the Human Torch continues to live a cursed life, it was good to see him regain some of his vivre when he catches up with Spider-Man who tries to give him some gage advise when he can. But on the question of his recent break-up with Skye, Spidey is uncharacteristically quiet. But then what does one say to a guy who seems to forever be pressing his own self-destruct button time and again?

Fantastic Four #37 is another one of those done-in-one issue that allows Slott to focus on the family dynamics of the Fantastic Four’s day-to-day existence as family members rather than super heroes, and also way work well in building on the family and the future. Another palate cleanser before the next FF epic and out now from Marvel.

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