‘Hell Sonja’ Gets Her Own Series With Writer Christopher Hastings In January

by Erik Amaya

Hell Sonja is breaking out into her own series.

Dynamite announced Thursday the imminent arrival of the Sonjaversal spinoff series from writer Christopher Hastings and artist Pasquale Qualano. It sees the Queen of Damnation staving off her boredom by uniting variant Sonjas to scour the multiverse while searching for “the most wicked to feed to her endless realm’s churning maw.” Each issue will feature a new world and villain to tackle. In addition to Hell Sonja, the series also includes Blue Sonja, Moon Sonja, Gold Sonja, and of course, Red Sonja.

“It’s the A-Team meets Hellraiser across a span of wildly different fantasy and sci-fi worlds, care of an elite squad of multiversal Red Sonja alternates,” Hastings said in a statement. “Easily the most metal thing I’ve ever worked on.”

Cover artists for the first issue include Lucio Parrillo, Jae Lee, Junggeun Yoon, Joseph Michael Linsner, and a cosplay cover from Gracie the Cosplay Lass.

Hell Sonja #1 is set for release in January.

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