New Action-Packed Romp ‘Monkey Meat’ Announced From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Djeliya creator Juni Ba introduces readers to a new fantasy universe in an upcoming miniseries of connected one-shot stories, Monkey Meat. Look out for this “action-packed romp” five-issue series coming from Image Comics in January 2022. But, ahead of that we have a first look at the debut issue.

The Monkey Meat Company made its fortune selling cans of processed meat all around the world. Using that money to fuel their wacky experiments, they turned their native island into a magical hyper-capitalist hellscape where even demons have to pay rent!

Follow the lives of the creatures of Monkey Meat Island in this series best described as the storytelling style of W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo’s Ice Cream Man meets the satire of Jonathan Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew. “

“Monkey Meat is a passion project born of wanting for us all to poke fun at how dystopian the world is. It’s fun and colorful but most of all aims to be cathartic, and bring you great cartooning!” – Juni B

Monkey Meat #1 is out on Wednesday, January 5th 2022 from Image Comics.

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