Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson, And Igor Lima To Tackle ‘Pantha’ In Her Own Series Starting This January

by Erik Amaya

First appearing in 1974’s Vampirella #30, Pantha has always been waiting to get her own series. An Egyptian queen whose cruelty was so appalling, the goddess Sekhmet cursed to live for entirety while periodically changing into a wild beast. But now someone or something is striking down the gods, and it falls upon her to save the pantheon in exchange for redemption and freedom in January’s Pantha #1.

The series, announced by Dynamite on Thursday, features writers Tom Sniegoski & Jeannine Acheson, artist Igor Lima, colorist Adriano Augusto and letterer Carlos Mangual.

“I was psyched to learn that Pantha’s history includes ancient Egyptian lore, as this is right up my alley!” Acheson said in a statement. “Tom and I have done a lot of reimagining of Egyptian gods, goddesses, and mythologies, and we really hope that readers will enjoy the bizarre and horrific take on her story that we’ve come up with.”

Sniegoski added, “Jeannine’s take was really crazy and exciting and I knew after working with her on Vampiverse that she would be the perfect collaborator for this series.”

Issue #1 features a number of variant covers from artists Judy Jong, Jorge Fornes, Vincent Aseo, Alvaro Sarraseca, and Elena Pianta.

Pantha #1 is due out in January.

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