Sony Dates Two “Untitled Sony/Marvel Universe” Films For 2023

by Erik Amaya

Sony’s corner of the Marvel Multiverse continues in 2023.

According to Fandango’s Erik Davis, the studio has set aside release dates for two “Untitled Sony/Marvel Universe” films. The duo are set for release on June 23rd, 2023 and October 6th, 2023 respectively. Speculation on the potential films is already rampant.

We’re going to assume the October date will be a third Venom film as the series now has a tradition of releasing in the first week of that month. The June date could be anything from a new Spider-Man flick to any of the myriad projects in development, which includes Olivia Wilde‘s Spider-Woman, a Silk film, a Kraven the Hunter feature starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, or even the long-in-the-works Madame Web. As Sony has a requirement to keep making films about Spider-Man and associated characters at a steady clip lest lose the IP entirely to Marvel, it has long desired a chance to expand beyond Peter Parker with plans for a Sinister Six film emerging as early as the production of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That film’s creative and commercial stumble led the studio to partner up with Marvel Studios for the subsequent three Spider-Man-starring films while developing both Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse independently.

The success of those films led to a contract dispute between Disney and Sony in 2019 which was only settled when Tom Holland used his participation in the upcoming Uncharted film as a wedge to keep the third Marvel Studios Spider-Man on track. The result of that wrangling, Spider-Man: No Way Home, hits theaters on December 17.

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