Something For The Weekend: Ten To Take Away From The Past Week In Posts

by Olly MacNamee

The weekend is here once more and to ease you through it we bring you our regular selection of popular posts from the past week. A week that was dominated by all the news coming from last weekend’s DC FanDome event as well as a few tidbits of comic book news too:

  1. DC FanDome provided a slew of updates and new trailers for upcoming films, TV shows and animation projects including a trailer for The Batman (here).
  2. On the TV front DC FanDome released a first look at Naomi (here) and Pennyworth Season 3 (here). And we heard that Titans was to be renewed for a fourth season too (here).
  3. We also got our first look at animation projects Young Justice: Phantoms (here) and Catwoman: Hunted (here).
  4. JJ. Abrams, Bruce Timm and Matt Reeves talked about their involvement in Batman: Caped Crusader, a reimagining of the Batman mythos for a new upcoming animated feature here.
  5. But it wasn’t all film and TV news. After all DC Comics still print comics y’know. And one new book announced was Monkey Prince, based loosely on the 16th century Chinese classic, Journey to the West here.
  6. Milestone Comics announced the Milestone Initiative aimed to root our new and diverse voices and talents (here).
  7. Sticking with comics, and moving away from the juggernaut that was DC FanDome, our Sunday afternoon Dynamite shared exclusive previews go from strength to strength with previews for Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #4, Purgatori #1, and Bettie Page: The Curse Of The Banshee #5.
  8. Z2 Comics announced A Brief History Of Weed from professional stoners Cheech and Chong. Not your regular comic book announcements but one that certainly found its audience. Read up on this new book here.
  9. Last week’s Writer’s Commentary makes it onto the list this week. Dan Abnett talks about Dejah Thoris Vs. John Carter of Mars #2 here.
  10. Lastly we heard about new publishing venture, Syzygy Publishing, brought together by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, debuting with an adaption of Rain by Joe Hill, Read more here.

That’s it for another week, but as ever I’ll leave you with a little something extra and a video that may have been overlooked last weekend, but a fun one nonetheless asking the question: Is the Adam West Batmobile the best? Find out in the video below:

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