The ICE Cast Live (Season 2): Talking With Ron Frenz About Spider-Man, Superman And New Book ‘M.R. R.I.G.H.T.’

by Olly MacNamee

After a much needed summer break The ICE Cast is back and back with a bang given the calibre of guest on my first show of the season; artist Ron Frenz. The artists who illustrated The Amazing Spider-Man during the original black suit run – and who has some great behind the scenes stories to tell us on that particular front – as well as a stint on Superman during the ’90s too. And now illustrating a new crowd-funded comic along with Tom DeFalco and Sal Buscema, M.R. R.I.G.H.T., a character originally dreamt up from the MC2 line of books that featured the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane, May Parker, Spider-Girl.

Planned for juts an hour, we kept rolling for two as Frenz regaled us with amazing anecdotes about his time in the comic book industry. One not to be missed!

And you can back the already funded M.R. R.I.G.H.T comic book campaign here.


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