Review: ‘Bermuda’ #4 Delivers An Action-Packed, Blockbuster Conclusion To This All Ages Adventure Series

by Olly MacNamee


Bermuda #4 delivers on action and adventure big time as our eponymous hero tries as hard as she can to stop the menacing Mers from crossing over into our world with a little help from some friends.


Most mini-series these days are anywhere between five and six issue long, but with Bermuda by John Layman and Nick Bradshaw being only four issues in length it would explain the breathless fast pace action of this all ages adventure. From the very first issue readers were thrown into one Hell of a wild ride across the hidden island of Trangle as our titular hero tries to help out new arrival, Bobby, in finding his sister, Andi. Unfortunately his sister is on the brink of being sacrificed by the Mers in order to allow them a portal to our world and the chance of invasion. The whole series, and this concluding issue even more so, has been a high-energy, high-concept, swashbuckling sensation! 

Layman delivers a script that seems to condense all the best tropes and conventions of the kind of films we all grew up loving – The Goonies, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Clash of the Titans and more – and creates something new in this exotic, exciting world. A world in which pirates, Nazis and the supernatural can all live, albeit not in peace. It’s a rich world that allows Layman to pick from any number of genres in creating a story that will be both familiar and unfamiliar to readers. A world ripe for further stories, I hope, too.

Of course it’s not just the animated action-orientated script that makes this book such a success. Bradshaw’s artwork elevates an already impressive action-adventure story to another level. A master at character design and environments, together he and Layman have established a magnificent array of various human and inhuman beings to populate this island and in this last issue we get to revise them all as the islanders unite to bring down the Mers and their diabolical plan. 

The grand finale is exactly that. A blockbuster of a showdown that includes everything you’d want in a bombastic face-off of this kind, with Bradshaw turning it up to eleven on the art front. Bermuda #4 is a fun, thrilling, rollicking blockbuster of an adventure and out now from IDW Publishing. 

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