‘Beef Bros’ Returns To Kickstarter Today With A Launch Day Exclusive Fanny Pack

by Brendan M. Allen

The Beef Bros are back on Kickstarter. This time, heroes Huey & Ajax Beef are taking on the prison-industrial complex and the entirety of the carceral state. Co-creators Aubrey Sitterson and Tyrell Cannon, colorist Raciel Avila, and letterer Taylor Esposito are returning for Beef Bros Behind Bars, a brand-new, double-sized, prestige format Beef Bros graphic novella.

The Beef Bros are aspirational leftist superheroes, working class champions who stand in opposition to the “supercops” found in most corporate-owned superhero comics.This new Kickstarter campaign offers extremely limited quantities of the impossible-to-find first printing of Beef Bros, as well as a second printing with a brand-new cover.

There are also motivational prints available, and, as a launch day exclusive add on, Beef Bros fanny packs. Check out the campaign right here.

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