‘Chu’ #9 Advance Review: Another Fun Flashback-Filled Issue In Which We Learn More About Saffron

by Olly MacNamee


‘Chu’ #9 gives us a good deal more backstory on Saffron Chu while also setting up a showdown in the making as Saffron makes plans. And drinks.


Writer John Layman and artist Dan Boultwood deliver another fun issue of Chu as our eponymous hero is faced with a blast from the past pointing a gun to her head. But to a very informative flashback and we’re all caught up. And then some. 

In the aforementioned flashback sequence we get to learn how Saffron Chu turned to crime as a career in the first place. But, one has to admit after reading this issue, she is very good at it.

By this point – and nine issues in – Chu is very much a different kind of beast to its predecessor, Chew, but has the very same goodness, dark humour and non-linear narrative that were all cornerstones in Tony Chu’s adventures. And, like Chew, this series delivers on surprises that derail what anyone would expect from a comic book that started off as a heist caper. 

Boultwood’s art continues to be a great fit with the cartoon-like world Layman has established where anything can happen, and usually does in this genre-breaking penultimate instalment of the most recent story-arc.

Chu #9 is out Wednesday 27th October from Image Comics

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