Spoilers: Paprika’s Blackmailer Revealed In ‘Sweet Paprika’ #4 From Mirka Andolfo

by Olly MacNamee

If you have been following this series then you’ll know that last issue ended on a rather rude cliffhanger with Paprika’s seemingly reverential father being exposed as a seedy and horny old man. So, if you don’t this issue to be spoilt for you then maybe don;’t continue reading this preview and go buy the issue first. You have been warned…

Written and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo

“Paprika is shocked by the revelation she had—a real bombshell on a USB stick. She starts asking herself questions about the very foundations of her way of life. It would be a good time to talk to a friend…if only she had any. But there are other ways to find comfort. Maybe.”

Sweet Paprika #4 (of 12) is out Wednesday 27th October from Image Comics

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