A Surrealist Chambara: Shintaro Kago’s ’12 Sisters of the Never-Ending Castle’ Mini-Review

by Tito W. James


Twelve Sisters features Kago’s unique artistic vision full of gore and grotesque sex in a mind-bending historical fantasy.


The Twelve Sisters of the Never-Ending Castle is Shintaro Kago’s follow up to the critically acclaimed Princess Of The Never-Ending Castle. Twelves Sisters takes place within the world of the same world, but can be read as a standalone story. It’s best experienced going in blind, but I will say that fans of Kago’s previous works will not be disappointed. There’s psychedelic gore, sexual perversion, and pitch black humor. It’s as if Salvador Dali created a surrealist chambara. While the manga covers just 84 pages, it packs a punch and is more memorable than many 200 plus page stories. I’ve followed this artist’s work for some time now and I can say with full confidence that no one on planet earth makes comics like Shintaro Kago.

So if your in the mood for the singular vision of a transgressive artist you can buy Twelve Sisters in the standard and Harakiri-Oversized edition from Hollow Press.

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