Courtney Discovers The Darkness Within In A Preview Of The ‘Stargirl’ Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

One episode of Stargirl remains and it seems Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) has revealed his final plan: using the darkness within Courtney (Brec Bassinger) as a conduit to feed on the entire world. Will an reassembled Justice Society of America be enough to bring her back to the light and stop Eclipso for good?

As for this week’s show, it’s nice to see the softer side of Cindy (Meg Delacey) once more. As we mentioned last year, the push-pull within her when confronted with the warmth of Courtney and her family makes it clear she wants to find that sort of security. Sure, she lashes out because violence is all she’s ever known, but bringing Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) back into the fold was as much motivated a want to repair that friendship as her own selfish goals. And make no mistake, based on that call she made, she still has her own objective.

Elsewhere in Blue Valley, it was nice to see Beth (Anjelika Washington) and Dr. McNider — er, “Chuck” (Alex Collins) — working together at long last. It seems with him, she might finally have a positive adult in her life, even if Collins’s cadence makes the old Dr. Mid-Nite sounds more like a villain. Similarly, we could watch a whole episode of Mike (Trae Romano) and Jakeem (Alkoya Brunson) work out how to be superheroes. There’s something refreshing in their goofball, early-teen approach to the problem. Much like how Barbara (Amy Smart) keeps surprising as Superhero Mom.

But at the same time, it’s clear the show ran out of time for some of its ideas with Rick (Cameron Gellman) left to rebuild the Hourglass between episodes and his relationship with Grundy likely getting a last-minute save during next week’s finale. Or, maybe, he won’t figure out how to repair it and it is his connection to Grundy which helps saves the day. We’d be pleasantly surprised if that turns out to be the case.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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