Review: ‘Deathstroke Inc.’ #2 Delivers A Sweeping Widescreen Adventure In Space

by Olly MacNamee


Deathstroke, Black Canary and the new Toyman take on Superman Cyborg and The Weird in a space adventure that’s delivers a widescreen sci-fi blockbuster that’s big in action and quick in pace.


The team head off to speak in Deathstroke Inc. #2, to try and save a team of scientists abroad a space station being attacked by Cyborg Superman and out-of-left field villain, The Weird. And all done exclusively across a series of double page spreads that really allow artist Howard Porter to flex his muscles and offer the reader an epic widescreen reading experience as we are dropped into the middle or the action. Each double page spread is crammed with detail and action and Porter choreographs some fantastic and dynamic spreads with his panel layouts and composition. It’s a comic book that really packs a lot in and those double page spreads really help to realise the flow of the action and the sheer scale of the setting. One of the best looking books on this week’s pull list in my opinion. And all beautifully coloured by Hi Fi.

Writer Joshua Williamson delivers another great script that gives us a very different adventure to the debut issue, but with the same great ear for character voices as Deathstroke and Black Canary continue to make strange bedfellows while the new Toyman, Hiro, comes along for the ride in the New 52 Batsuit. And once again, even though he seems to have the lest to say, it’s in his actions that Deathstroke walks away as the shining star of this odd team book.

Of course, as we now know that T.R.U.S.T. aren’t to be… ahem.. trusted, not everything about this space mission is as it seems. This is the central mystery to this series and one that will keep the series in fuel for a good while longer, as our heroes seem to have no time to catch their breathes in between missions, with the next issue’s mission teased out promising yet another different flavour of mission. And for me, this chopping and changing of missions and storytelling styles could well be this book’s unique selling point. Beyond the great character observations. And I love that this is another done-in-one story too, making it easily accessible to new readers. 

Deathstroke Inc. #2 is a breath-taking blockbuster scaled adventure in space with the epic, sweeping art to match and out now from DC Comics.

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