Review: ‘Adventureman’ #6 Explores The Western Genre

by Benjamin Hall


The inheritor of the mantle Adventureman, Claire Connell, faces a new rousing adventure. Yet, will she be able to defeat more villains from her predecessor’s past. Meanwhile a new adventurer appears. Will this person be enough to help Claire and her family in their latest escapade?


Designer Leonardo Olea provides a new design for the creative credits page. Whether a reader will take the time to understand it after reading the narrative is a case by case situation. However, anyone who sees it for the first time will possibly think it is just an eyesore. Those who go back for a second look after reading the narrative may still think so. While this reviewer personally thinks it is an eye sore either way there is understanding of how it relates to the story.

Adventureman #6 (2021) cover pencils and colors by Terry Dodson, and inks by Rachel Dodson.

Writer Matt Fraction does a good job at providing just the right amount of backstory to set-up this story arc. Fraction also creates dialogue that is good for each character. At the same time Fraction leaves in a word that letterer Clayton Cowles almost does not cover up enough. Meaning that Fraction and Cowles could have got this issue a higher age rating via an expletive. Luckily, Cowles uses placement just well enough to make sure that another character interrupts that bit of dialogue. Fraction with Cowles assistance does a mostly excellent job with suggesting diversity in the characters’ voices.

Both the cover and the interior art are high quality. Though penciler/colorist Terry Dodson and inker Rachel Dodson make the cover’s male character and his horse too large in relation to the other elements and characters. While the cover’s hues look nice, but feel a bit uneven between what weather is on display on the top and bottom of the page. As for the interior visuals they look great all around, but especially when it comes to characterization. However, they would arguably not look half as good without the assistance color flatter Jeremiah Skipper gives Terry Dodson. Unfortunately Skipper only gets his due credit in the art portion of the supplemental material.

Adventureman #6 is out now from Image.

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