Jenna Dewan Sets Arrowverse Return As Lucy Lane In ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 2

by Erik Amaya

Superman & Lois is finally acknowledging some of its Supergirl history.

TVLine reports Jenna Dewan will return as Lucy Lane in the Superman series’ sophomore year. She previously played the character during the latter part of Supergirl‘s first year. There, she moved to National City, began dating James Olson (Mehcad Brooks), and worked her way into the DEO command structure. But when the series jumped networks — and moved production to Vancouver — Dewan and Lucy departed the series.

After series star Tyler Hoechlin, Dewan is the first recurring Supergirl actor to reprise their character on Superman & Lois. Both Sam Lane and Morgan Edge appeared on the older program in the form of Glenn Morshower and Adrian Pasdar, respectively, but were recast (with Dylan Walsh and Adam Rayner) and their characters reshaped — Morgan Edge even turned out to be a Kryptonian! Of course, the series had an easy narrative handwave via the merging of parallel worlds during “Crisis on Infinite Earth,” but those cast changes also supported a growing suspicion that Superman & Lois was ignoring Supergirl entirely.

Now, that suspicion fades a bit. Although, it is unclear if Lucy’s life in National City will be acknowledged. It may not matter much in the grander scheme of things, but at least one hat-tip to her time on Supergirl will be enough to make the shows feel like interconnected again.

Superman & Lois returns to The CW in 2022.

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