Rob Liefeld’s ‘Prophet’ Returns For 30th Anniversary

by Brendan M. Allen

Comic book veteran Rob Liefeld is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Prophet in early 2022 and he’s bringing a team of artists to complete the party. John Prophet first debuted in 1992 in the pages of Youngblood #2, written and drawn by Liefeld. 

Prophet is symbolic of the early 90’s Image Comics that fans identify with and love as much anything released during that period. It electrified a generation of comic fans!” Liefeld claims. “Prophet is my best selling solo hero by a mile. I’m excited to celebrate Image Comics 30th Anniversary and Prophet’s 30th Anniversary by producing both the Prophet #1 Facsimile Edition which replicates the launch issue for fans who may not have experienced it,  as well as producing this remastered edition that features dozens of popular artists recreating individual pages from Prophet’s premiere publication in their unique style.”

Prophet #1 facsimile edition arrives in February 2022 and Prophet #1 remastered arrives in March 2022.

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