‘Bright Memory: Infinite’ Releases November 11th

by Sage Ashford

Playism and FYQD-Studios finally have a date for their first-person action game, Bright Memory: Infinite, along with a new trailer as well. The story takes place in the near-future, where unique phenomena are occurring everywhere, and the Supernatural Science Research Organization has been put in charge of figuring out what’s behind it.

The focus of this game is on action combat, where players will be able to use a mix of short and long-range weapons to get through battle. Players can use their swords to attack enemies and deflect bullets, while the guns can be customized to the user’s playstyle. They’ll also have access to other weapons including bombs, grenades, and even homing missiles for use in different scenarios.

Bright Memory: Infinite launches on PC through Steam on November 11th.

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