Dr. Double X Imprisoned In ‘Arkham City The Order Of The World’ #2 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Dan Watters
Art by Dani
Colors by Dave Stewart

“Dr. Jacosta Joy, Arkham’s last living psychiatrist, continues her descent into the Ten-Eyed Man’s world of delusion. But are his claims of ghosts and ritual purely figments of his imagination, or is there a method to his madness?

Meanwhile, Dr. Double X, a man with the ability to project his soul outside of his own body, has been taken prisoner by a very friendly couple who have discovered that his powers of astral projection can be used on others…and they are addictive. But when Azrael appears in this den of sin, will anyone be safe from his cleansing fire?

Join us on our second trip into the darkest corners of Gotham City and bear witness to the foul creatures, Arkhamite and Gothamite alike, that call them home.”

Arkham City The Order of The World #2 is out Tuesday 2nd November from DC Comics

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