Prevent Judgement Day With The New ‘Terminator 2’ Cabinet From Arcade1Up

by Gary Catig

Arcade1Up has been bringing classic arcade cabinets into homes and they have always had a wide selection to choose from. Most recently, they made available the original Tron game along with its sequel. Their latest announcement will have players trying to prevent the rise of machines and save John Connor.

The Terminator 2: Judgement Day Home Arcade Machine is now up for pre-order. Relive the early ’90s with this fan favorite shooter from Midway. The cabinet comes with a variety of features. Not only will buyers receive the T2: Judgement Day title, but the machine also comes with exclusive behind the scenes footage on how the game was made.

There are two sleek light gun controllers for single or multiplayer co-op play assuming the role of a T-800 cyborg. The guns have force feedback with vibrations and sound effects taking the immersive experience to another level. In addition, the arcade cabinet is simple to assemble and once it is plugged in, the in-game setting menu and on-screen game selections are easy to follow.

Pre-order yours here. If you want to get Terminator 2: Judgement Day as a present for someone, unfortunately they have an expected post-holiday release.

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