‘.Self’ #1 Debuts On ComiXology Originals From Christopher Sebela And Cara McGee

by Olly MacNamee

Dropping today on comiXology Origianls is new digital-first title, .Self, from writer Christopher Sebela (Crowded; High Crimes), artist Cara McGee (Black Canary: Ignite; Star Wars), colourist Rebecca Nalty (Finger Guns), and letterer Aditya Bidikar (These Savage Shores, Afterlift). A five-part series exploring the world of digital assets and our place in it, as Sebela explains:

“In this new era of crypto and NFTs I wanted to explore the idea that even we ourselves are capable of being exploitable digital assets. In .Self, we play with the concept that you can see yourself in different bodies that have chosen to follow different paths and dreams you may have let go of over the course of your life either because the dream was silly, or you changed, or life just didn’t allow for it.

.Self is a book about someone who is comfortable for the first time in their life and then realizes that that doesn’t actually equate to happiness.”

Swallow the capsule. Wait. Let your Postscript unit sync up. It’s designed to preserve everything that makes you you. Postscript backs up your memories, your feelings, and physical reactions. It scans your hard drives, analyzes your social media, and captures a complete snapshot of who you are. Your data is uploaded daily and safeguarded, guaranteeing a 100% safe way to ensure your most precious moments are stored securely until you die. At that time, your files will be loaded into an artificial body called a Blank for 48 hours of closure with friends and family. You will write your own ending. At least, that’s what the ads say.

.Self #1 is out now on comiXology and free to members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited.


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