December’s ‘Timeless’ Is The Future Of The Marvel Universe

by Tony Thornley

The future of the Marvel Universe has taken many forms. In December, Kang the Conqueror reveals what’s next for the Universe and the publisher has released several new teasers of what that future holds in Timeless.

This one shot tells the story of Kang’s journey through time and space to discover the future of the Marvel Universe. Each of the teasers ask a different question that’s key to a future story. They include Thanos’ new weapon, Doctor Doom’s future meddling, and Anatoly Petrov’s role as Kang’s companion on this quest. PLUS: How does ENTROPY pose an existential threat to the fabric of the Marvel Universe itself?

“During the course of events in TIMELESS, the timeline undergoes significant trauma and Kang is put in the fascinating position of not knowing what happens next,” writer Jed MacKay told CBR in an exclusive interview. “Things that should play out differently, others happen as expected, while yet others are completely new fabrications of a shaken timeline. There will certainly be plenty to speculate upon and some very exciting hints for what is to come over the next couple of years.”

Check the teasers all out below and pick up Timeless on December 29th!


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