Gael García Bernal To Reportedly Lead Disney+ Marvel Halloween Special

by Erik Amaya

Gael García Bernal may soon become Werewolf By Night.

Variety reports the actor will star in a Marvel Studios Halloween special for Disney+ next year. Allegedly, he will play one of two characters to go by “Werewolf By Night.” It is, of course, unclear if that means he will play Jack Russell and Jake Gomez, although the latter seems likely.

Created by Taboo, Benjamin Jackendoff, and Scot Eaton just last year, Gomez is of Hopi descent, and comes to his lupine condition via a family curse. Though his werewolf tendencies are more or less controlled, he went feral in his debut story when he discovered the company he worked for was kidnapping people from the nearby reservation. From rumors last summer, it seems Marvel Studios has been developing a Gomez-centered project for sometime.

The studio was, of course, mum on the news.

If Werewolf By Night comes to fruition, it confirms a growing studio interest in Marvel’s horror concepts. Indeed, a MCU-set Blade has been in the works for the last few years with Mahershala Ali set to star as the Daywalker. And though the character is part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, Morbius will also come to theaters early next year. Hopefully, that means a Ghost Rider project will join the schedule before too long. That’s all that’s required to get a Spirits of Vengeance thing going, right?

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