Exclusive Preview: Archibald ‘Chick’ Andrews’ First Appearance In ‘Archie 80th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest’ #5

by Brendan M. Allen

In a Comicon Exclusive, Archie Comics has revealed a preview of Archie 80th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest #5. This one is extra noteworthy, as the “classic-style” lead story has Archie and Jughead heading back in time, all the way to the very first Archie story from 1941 (which is also reprinted later in the issue). 

‘Pep to the Future: Archie and Jughead are at the Riverdale Library when Archie finds an ancient text in a hidden compartment titled “Pep Comics no. 22.” Archie opens the book… and they’re both transported immediately back to 1941! 

Archie sees the iconic scene from Archie’s first appearance as Archibald “Chick” Andrews trying to impress Betty while standing on a bicycle. Unfortunately, Archie accidentally knocks Chick off the bicycle causing a rift in space and time. Riverdale characters and places from 2021 start to spill into 1941, and Jughead fears it could cause the end of the known universe! Can he and Archie restore the space time continuum and set things right? Find out in this fun lead story that concludes our 80th anniversary digest celebration!’

Featuring a script by Francis Bonnet, art by Pat and Tim Kennedy, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli, and a cover by Vincent Lovallo, Bill Golliher, and Rosario “Tito” Peña, Archie 80th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest #5 hits the spinner racks on November 10, 2021.

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