‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ Production Delayed

by Erik Amaya

The next Star Wars feature will take a little longer to hit theaters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, director Patty Jenkins‘s forthcoming Star Wars film, has been delayed. The reason: Jenkins’s schedule. Her upcoming commitments mean the film cannot begin shooting in 2022. Curiously, though, the site reports its release date, December 23rd, 2023, is still locked in place. But from the tone of the writing, it would seem Jenkins has left active development of the film entirely to handle these other commitments, which include a third Wonder Woman film and a Cleopatra project.

They also suggest a changed timetable for that Wonder Woman sequel may have something to do with the shakeup. Indeed, Jenkins reminded fans at last month’s DC FanDome that she is part of developing the next Wonder Woman, but offered no other updates.

Rogue Squadron was the great surprise of last year’s Disney Investor Day presentation. It seemed to signal the future of Star Wars films even as the company unveiled a whole road map of Disney+ series. At the time, Jenkins released a video in which she declared her wish to make “the greatest fighter pilot movie ever made.” Hopefully, that will still come to pass. At the same time, Star Wars may need to a longer rest from the theatrical grind and a delay of a year (or years) may be good in the long run.

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