Ultra Combos And No Mercy Moves In ‘Killer Instinct’ Machine From Arcade1Up

by Gary Catig

Arcade1Up enjoys bringing many classic arcade cabinets into your own home. Amongst their library of selections are 2-player fighting games such as Street Fighter II and Marvel Super Heroes. Their latest machine involves another fighting game from the 1990s.

Gamers will be able to get their hands on the original Killer Instinct. Created by Rare, it was the developer’s answer to Mortal Kombat — at the time of its release, anyway — incorporating many of the same elements including violence and finishing moves, but with a greater emphasis on combos.

This Killer Instinct Machine includes exciting features such as:

  • 5 Games in 1 (Killer Instinct™, Killer Instinct™2, Battletoads Arcade™, Battletoads™ 8-bit and Battletoads™ 16-bit)
  • Light-Up marquee and deck protector
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Online Play
  • Matching Riser and Stool

Pre-order the Killer Instinct Arcade Machine now. It has a tentative post holiday release date.

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