Who Are The ‘Secret X-Men’?

by Tony Thornley

Earlier this year, ten mutants entered a competition for a coveted roster spot with Cyclops and Marvel Girl’s X-Men. Polaris won the vote, but the other nine were not forgotten… In February we see what became of these mutants in Secret X-Men.

When the dust of the #XMenVote election settled, fans speculated that Cannonball, Sunspot, Banshee, Marrow, Armor, Strong Guy, Forge, Tempo and Boom Boom would be an incredible squad of X-Men on their own. Now, in a special one-shot coming in February, Tini Howard and Francesco Mobili thrust them into the middle of one of the hotspots of the Marvel Universe- the Shi’Ar Empire!

Cover by Leinil Yu

Led by Cannonball and Sunspot, the team finds themselves drafted for a special mission. A high value asset to both the Shi’Ar and Krakoa is under attack- Shi’Ar empress and daughter of Charles Xavier, Xandra. Now the team has to battle through space to save the day!

“We had to do it, yeah?” Howard said. “And I jumped at the chance to tell the story while I had the time. Cannonball was my vote, and Strong Guy? Tempo? Boom-Boom? This is the perfect team for an intergalactic X-Men mission. I hope they didn’t forget anything important!”

From that question, I’d bet they did.

Stay tuned for more X-Men news as the post Inferno X-line continues to take shape, and pick up Secret X-Men on February 9, 2022!

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