Cosplayer Ani-Mia’s ‘Bettie Page’ Comic Campaign Nears $15,000 Stretch Goal

by Erik Amaya

Ani-Mia, a fan favorite on the cosplayer circuit and a host at PreviewsWorld, is working on her first comic book: Bettie Page and the Bigfoot Bandits. The title, with art from Jonathan Lau, will pit real life pinup model Bettie Page against the mythical cryptid Bigfoot when the latter gets blamed for a series of break-ins at a US Army base. Dynamite Entertainment has been running a campaign on Indiegogo to help publish the book and, with eight days remaining, it’s nearing the $15,000 stretch goal.

If the campaign receives another $1,500 (or so), each copy of the comic will come with a “special Certificate of Authenticity” signed by Page’s attorney, agent, and friend Mark Roesler. Backers have already unlocked the other stretch goal, a special promo trading card which will ship to all who chipped in.

As it is a crowdfunding campaign, those interested in the comic can opt-in via a variety of different covers, including Ani-Mia in cosplay, a classic Page photo, and a cover drawn by Lau. There are also various packages with multiple cover copies, previous Betty Page comics, statues, and other collectables. To find out more, head on over to Indiegogo campaign page now.

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