Thought Bubble 2021: Vice Press’ Handsome Prints

by Olly MacNamee

Vice Press, Matt “Mondo” Ferguson’s printing company based in Leeds, is going to Thought Bubble in Harrogate. And he’s bringing a whole host of artists and new art prints with him. Along with the odd surprise too.

Already announced on the Vice Press Twitter account are the following prints, with more to be announced no doubt. But, as I’ll be travelling tomorrow, I may well miss them. So, if you are a fan, keep ’em peeled.

And, if you are attending, then you can catch Matt and the gang on Saturday 13th November at 4.30pm – 5.15pm on his Vice Press Open Channel panel.

You can also check out all the scheduled panels here too.

The Thing 24×36 LAVA Foil variant screenprint by Matt Ferguson
Jaws by screenprint Andrew Swainson
The Thing screenprint by Drew Millward
The Dark Knight screenprint by Bella Grace
Abe Sapien screenprint by Candra Hope
Hellboy screenprint by Candra Hope


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