The Queen Goblin Strikes In February’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

by Tony Thornley

First came the Green Goblin. Then the Hobgoblin. Then a few more in-between. Now, as teased earlier today, the Amazing Spider-Man is about to meet the Queen Goblin.

In February’s Amazing Spider-Man #88-90, the Queen Goblin (not to be confused with X-Men villain the Goblin Queen) comes to New York with a bang. Judging by the covers for the storyarc by Art Adams, she’s going to raise hell not just for Ben Reilly but for all Spider-Man’s allies! Designed by Beyond Board member Patrick Gleason, the Queen Goblin isn’t just the newest deadly addition to Spider-Man’s rogues, but she also has long ties to Spidey history.

“Queen Goblin was one of the coolest ideas from our BEYOND story summit,” says Exec. Editor Nick Lowe. “All of the writers were riffing on the concept and character and when Pat Gleason dug in on the design we all LOST it. You aren’t going to believe this newest addition to Spidey’s rogue’s gallery!”

 “When Nick and Zeb asked me to help with character design for QUEEN GOBLIN in Beyond I was thrilled,” says Gleason. “We went New-Medieval with some tweaks on the old Goblin toys. What’s even more fun is letting her off the chain and watching the rest of the art team like Arthur Adams run with her. The writing team has been working like crazy to make her debut worthy of a Queen. I’m writing a scene now that will hopefully melt some brains too.”

The Queen Goblin’s debut story will be written by Zeb Wells and Gleason, with art by Michael Dowling, Mark Bagley and Gleason.

Also coming in February, the legendary Slingers return in Amazing Spider-Man #88.BEY, by Geoffrey Thorne, Jan Bazaldua, and Jim Towe. A familiar face will be taking on one of those identities though as the former Prowler, Hobie Brown, takes on the mantle of Hornet! Then Miles Morales is drawn into the story as Miles and Shift face off against Space Stone-host Quantum and the Assessor, and the Beyond Corporation holds the key to their victory. That will unfold in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #35 from Saladin Ahmed & Michele Bandini.

Lots of big things in store for everyone’s favorite Spiders in February, so stay tuned as it all unfolds, and pick them all up when they go on sale in February!

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