Magnetic Press Announces Exclusive Pre-Registration Perks For ‘Ogre Gods’ Kickstarter Campaign

by Brendan M. Allen

Magnetic Press has announced a pre-order campaign for First Born, the fourth and final volume in the dark fantasy series The Ogre Gods written by the late Hubert and illustrated by Bertrand Gatignol. The Kickstarter campaign will launch on Tuesday, November 16th, offering fans exclusive bonus items and access to a brand new, campaign-exclusive, limited edition Box Set containing all four books in the saga.

The Ogre Gods Saga is one of the most unique and layered fantasy universes I’ve ever encountered,” said Mike Kennedy, Founder and Publisher of Magnetic Press. “The dark mysteries and conflicting agendas between this race of towering giants and the seemingly helpless humans who live in their shadow provides a rich tapestry of dozens of interwoven tales that reflect so many intriguing, recognizable social issues we face today. This is without a doubt one of the best fantasy series on shelves, and we’re excited to offer these premium editions.”

Set in a dark fantasy world ruled by a hierarchy of different sized giants, each volume in the series focuses on a different element of the population. The giant Ogre Gods are introduced in Petit, the tale of the smallest giant’s struggles with family tradition. The plight of the subservient human population is explored in Half-Blood as one charming con artist rises to a seat of power. Focus then turns to those humans living in the wilderness beyond the giant’s influence in The Great Man. The series ends with a look back in First Born, telling the tale of the first daughter of the first giant and her effort to break the patriarchal chains that each daughter would otherwise suffer.

Releasing posthumously in the wake of series author Hubert’s passing in 2020, First Born was completed by artist Bertrand Gatignol based on Hubert’s completed script, a tale of familial defiance in the face of blind tradition to patriarchal rule, a tribute to the celebrated writer’s thought-provoking body of work.

The pre-order campaign will not only celebrate Huber’s saga with the premiere of the final volume, but the first collected Boxed Set of all four books in a premium foil-laden slipcase. Interested backers are encouraged to visit to pre-register for free bonus incentives for backing on Day 1.



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