Ubisoft Explains Rainbow Six Extraction’s Gadgets And Progression Systems

by Sage Ashford

Ubisoft’s latest entry in the Rainbow Six world, Rainbow Six: Extraction, is only a few months from being released, and in an eight minute deep dive trailer they’ve explained how everything will work in the new title. Extraction offers 18 operators at launch, each one with their own weapons, gadgets, and special abilities to allow for everyone to have their own play style, with the Operator levelling up as they finish new missions. Players who own both Siege and Extraction will have the entire roster unlocked at launch, and gain a special United Front cosmetic bundle in both games.

For other players, the game will unlock operators as the game goes on in response to an evolving threat level, which is realistically how it should work but of course there has to be a benefit for the people who’ve been playing Siege all these years. Players are also free to play every mission alone or pick a team of up to three operators, and can play either solo or co-op.

Other noteworthy news includes that the game will have cross-play, cross-progression, as well as cross-save.  Also, there’s a Buddy Pass to allow friends to play with whoever bought the game for free for two weeks. Any players who decide to buy the game afterwards will be able to transfer their progress over to their new game.

Rainbow Six: Extraction launches for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the Epic Game Store, the UPlay store, Google Stadia, and the Amazon Luna on January 20th.

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