‘Inferno’ #4 Gets A Whopping 10 Covers- Check Them Out Here

by Tony Thornley

So far, Marvel’s Inferno has been full of surprises. We have two more issues coming, and they’re going to be huge for the X-Men and Krakoa. The final issue is going to go out in style.

Main Cover by Jerome Opena

Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run has redefined Marvel’s mighty mutants for years to come. With Inferno that run comes to an end, for now, but Krakoa will live on. However, the series will give answers to some long simmering plots, like the final fate of Mystique and Destiny, details of the past lives of Moira X, and unrevealed secrets about the founding of Krakoa.

That’s all without Nimrod and Orchis finally making a move against everything Xavier, Magneto and the X-Men have built.Check out the covers below, and pick up the conclusion to Inferno when issue #4 hits stands on January 5th!

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