Thought Bubble 2021: Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll – Will Potter And Philip Bond’s ‘Geezer’ Previewed

by Olly MacNamee

Will Potter, member of Brit-Pop era band, Cud – who are currently on the tail-end of their UK tour – was at Thought Bubble this past weekend handing out ashcan comic book previews for his new comic book project, Geezer. The story of the greatest Brit-Pop band that never was. Probably. But were always on the periphery, at least.

Along with artist Philip Bond, Geezer will tell the story of a band that existed in the heady days of the mid-’90s when Brit-Pop ruled the airwaves. A self-depreciating, comedic romp through yesteryear, with plenty of knowing references Geezer were the almost-rans of the scene and Martin Bland their frontman:

London Town, 1994. Martin Bland was in the right place in the wrong trousers, pouting in polyester when Suede were all the rage, sipping shandies as Oasis rattled Blur at Camden’s Good Mixer, touring the States with rival band Clobber, sexing up The Word, and hobnobbing with Tony Blair at Number 10. You must have blinked and missed him!

Colliding with the famous, or face down on the pavement, wannabe Britpop star Bland and Geezer, his loyal band of underachievers, struggle against the odds in this comic-book tale of the also-ran. Geezer parallels the ups and downs of the early ’90s British music scene, dips into real events with pathos and playfulness. Written by William Potter, who has these credits, and is drawn by Philip Bond, who has credits too. Will and Phil’s collaborations date back to the early ’90s. Overseeing this combo is Off Register Press’s own resident editor, Shelly Bond.

Follow the missteps of Martin Bland as he embarks on a make-or-break mission to become a cheeky-chap chart topper and style icon. If only he had the breaks, the talent, the cheekbones…”

Soon to come to Kickstarter in just a few weeks, this promises to be a great satire for anyone who lived through the ’90s. And if you’re familiar with Bond’s work – itself a staple of ’90s indie comic/magazine Deadline, then you know what to expect. As well as the debut issue – to be presented in a 7″ format – there will mock posters, record reviews and more!

Although they do say if you remembered the ’90s you weren’t there.

So, if you haven’t clicked on the link to the official Geezer website, then head there now and sign up for notifications for this fun, sassy looking comic book.

And for those unfortunate not to grab a copy, you can check it out below:

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