The Monthly Megazine Issue #438: Oi You, Get Orf My Planet

by Richard Bruton

The Monthly Megazine – doing just what it says, taking you through the latest goings-on in the sister monthly to 2000 AD, 30+ years and still going strong!

Dave Taylor being all Dave Taylor-ish… bloody gorgeous

The latest Megazine hits shops and digital on 17th November. Inside, you’ve got a clearing of the decks in advance of the end of year Meg next month with all-new tales. That means it’s the finales of The Returners, Angelic, and Devlin Waugh, with two of them looking like it’s a real, never going to do any more, ending. There’s also a one-off Dredd, ‘Dez-Rez, from Ian Edginton and Dave Taylor, and another of those deliciously eerie Tales from the Black Museum strips.

Right then. Off we go for another grand Meg…

JUDGE DREDD: DEZ-REZ – Ian Edginton, Dave Taylor, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Dredd versus an alien invasion with a difference. That’s it. That’s what you’re getting here. And it’s a lovely tale from Edginton, made all the greater with Dave Taylor’s gorgeous artwork.

Full of details, full of great little Dredd moments, and another outing for those much-loved stub guns! But the way Edginton just gentle twists the standard alien invasion story plays really well, especially seeing Dredd dealing with a couple of well pissed off alien giants brought to Earth under false pretenses.


TALES FROM THE BLACK MUSEUM – Paul Starkey, Nick Dyer, letters by Simon Bowland

Another creepy little Tales from the Black Museum now, all about a little bit of Tek-Div experimentation, something that veteran Tek-Judge Solomon has been tinkering with for a while.

Just imagine how useful a little doohickey could be if it gave you the ability to make a 5-minute copy of yourself? Well, that’s what Solomon has and, although the Justice Department are steering clear of it right now. Still, undaunted, she takes it to her acquaintance, a weapons manufacturer. And… well, you know it’s not going to play out well for either of them, don’t you?

But the way Paul Starkey twists and turns through this one, ably accompanied by Nick Dyer on the art, is what makes this a thoroughly enjoyable thing.

ANGELIC: RESTITUTION – PART 5 – FINAL PART – Gordon Rennie, Lee Carter, letters by Annie Parkhouse

The Dreddworld western concludes, with Rennie and Carter wrapping up the entire Angelic run here. And, since it was something that had been teased and teased as Pa Angel began drawing together those familiar names for the Angel Gang… Linc, the Varmint, Mean… all it needed was Junior and we have the family that would become infamous.

But knowing we’re going to get somewhere is one thing, making it work so well as Angelic has done, that’s a very different thing altogether.

Here, Rennie and Carter have delivered a superb 5-part tale of a man keeping his family together out in the wilds of the Cursed Earth. And the ending works, works really well. But the highlight of it all has to go to Carter, whose art really hasn’t ever looked better – and stands out in a Megazine issue that’s full of great art.

Just have a look at the first two pages below and tell me I’m not wrong…

THE RETURNERS – AMAZONIA – PART 7 – FINAL PART – Si Spencer, Nicolo Assirelli, colours by Eva De La Cruz, letters by Jim Campbell

The final episode of the final part of The Returners. A strip that’s frustrated perhaps more than it should for me, although one I’ll be glad to re-read n a collection, which I have a feeling will be a lot more satisfying.

Here, we get a proper finale, one that does the job of giving us a satisfying end to the series, with Assirelli’s art still managing to shine, whilst Spencer’s writing wraps it all up really well.

It’s a bittersweet ending though, of course, as it’s the final contribution of Si Spencer to either the Prog or the Meg, following his way too early passing in February.

DEVLIN WAUGH: THE RECKONING – PART 7 -FINAL PART – Ales Kot, Mike Dowling, letters by Simon Bowland

The Hell Match moves to its finale as we say a farewell, although hopefully not for too long, to Devlin Waugh.

And damn, Ales Kot and Mike Dowling take us out on a high – well, they take the series out on a high, but I wouldn’t say Devlin goes out on a high… nope, not this time. It seems that Devlin’s time in hell is going to be a very big thing, reverberating through everything that’s coming.

Poor Devlin. You really were never going to win down there in hell, no matter how devious and cocky you could be.

It’s been a beautifully done series, really pushing the character, with Ales Kot really managing to grab Devlin and make the very best of him, whilst also unafraid to take us deep into the very worst of him. And alongside Kot, Mike Dowling has just consistently delivered artwork that screams quality and style from every page.

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