Webcomic Weekly: Nigel Auchterlounie’s Dr Who Parody ‘Regenesis Of The Daleks’

by Richard Bruton

Welcome once more to Webcomic Weekly – increasingly misnomered, not because there aren’t enough great comics out there on the Web, but because I keep getting waylaid and keep failing to do one of these every week, dammit. This week, the return of Nigel Auchterlounie, last seen in Webcomic Weekly with Farts, who returns with Regenesis Of The Daleks


Yes, it’s Nigel Auchterlounie taking on Dr Who – and not the first time he’s done it either, but damn, this is great, great stuff.

Regenesis Of The Daleks is up on Nigel’s Twitter right now. Go and like it and retweet it to death. Hopefully, it will be carrying on for a while.

Here’s how Nigel introduces it:

I’m gonna do this for a bit, and legally, you can’t touch me because it’s fan fiction!
What do you mean, “Legally I’m on very shaky ground?”

It all begins like this; a soldier wandering across a barren wasteland:

But hang on, you say. Where’s the Doctor?

To which I say, hold on, don’t you know how these things go? He’s setting the scene!

Just wait for the mist to clear a bit…

Bit more…


Oh yes! Now we’re cooking!

It’s Nigel Auchterlounie doing Tom Baker’s Dr Who. There’s Time Lords, there’s going to be Daleks (eventually) – it’s all rather good.

Okay, let’s just let ‘Restless McRecklesson’ sink in a bit.

We’re in the realms of comedy gold here!

And on we go again…

So, armed with his time ring bangle, the Doctor is off on another mission.

All that’s missing is a couple of companions. Oh, wait…

Seriously, I want to see that done in a new Doctor Who on TV. Russell T Davies, are you paying attention? Give us a COO-EE!

Okay, okay, enough now. You want to see more? And yes, you do want to see more! Well, go and follow Nigel and retweet and like the posts.

As I’ve said before to any who’ll listen, Auchterlounie has been making fantastic comics for so many bloody years now. He’s a regular in the Beano, but he’s also got a very much not for children history of great comics as Spleenal – but all his work, for young or old, is well worth a gander.

And as for that old Doctor Who strip that Auchterlounie took on – it’s ‘The Million Year Fall’, it stars Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, and it’s all here. Here’s the first three pages:


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